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Do you want to learn about laws, their inner workings, and how they impact your daily life? Want to learn to fight for the things you believe in and make a difference? Georgetown University’s Pre-college Online law courses delves into the different laws, and reviews complicated problems to break down, bit by bit, while analyzing how attorneys argue and negotiate positions. In the Final Capstone Project, you will act as a judge ruling on a hypothetical case, by reviewing testimony, evidence, and law to make your decision. 

Georgetown University’s college prep curriculum is distinguished by its focus on the law and government. These highly pointed topics offer many insights into this field, such as ‘how to think like an attorney’, among others. This engaging youth program designed for kids interested in the law delves into strategy and how to argue your case by developing skills in critical thinking and how to evaluate evidence. Learn what the life of a legal professional is like and the kind of cases they manage. You’ll be encouraged to think beyond the obvious, apply a disciplined approach to asking questions, and make evidence-based decisions.

In this course, you’ll get the chance to take a deep dive into two real murder cases — investigating the actions taken, all the way from the very beginning to the final determination. You’ll also have an opportunity to explore a whole host of legal careers: prosecutor, defense attorney, law enforcement official, judge, tax lawyer, plaintiff, and more.

Sounds like an intriguing course, right? But what do former students who took this course have to say? Here are two:

"I would recommend this Georgetown pre-law course to students like me because it was a short online course that taught all of the basics of what an attorney is, what they do, the cases they face, the decisions they make, and how to think like one. I personally grew my interest in the law because of this course and I encourage anyone with a curiosity for the field to also indulge in it and learn more."

~Saramelia, law student from Fla.

"I think it provides a good opportunity for students, especially aspiring lawyers, to open their minds. By showing how attorneys think, it can help students find ways for them to improve their critical thinking skills and learn what steps they might take should they want to pursue a legal career. Even if you decide not to go down that path, these skills will stay with you for life."

~Himanshu, law student

Georgetown University provides a variety of relevant online law courses for high school students ages 13 and older. In addition to this law course, Georgetown also offers law- and government-related courses in international law, international relations, and politics and government. Each course features dynamic video lessons by renowned Georgetown faculty and access to mentors. The program is available year-round, and the online format enables you to study anywhere, anytime, at your own pace.

Looking for additional resources? Explore online law programs for high school students provided by our university partners.

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