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Did you know that there are more than 100 fashion weeks around the world? And that there are five cities that supersede the rest to be called “fashion capitals”: Paris, London, New York, and Milan? These cities typically hold two fashion weeks each year, where top designers showcase their spring/summer and fall/winter collections. These are the very events that spark fashion trends for the remainder of the year. 

About Milan Fashion Week

Milan Fashion Week (Settimana della moda di Milano in Italian) is held semi-annually in Milan, Italy. Autumn/winter fashions are showcased in February/March, and spring/summer fashions are showcased in September/October. Many designers showcase new designs and upcoming collections. 

Milan Fashion Week, established in 1958, is part of the global "Big Four fashion weeks," with the semi-annual schedule beginning with New York, followed by London, and then Milan, and ending with Paris. 

Milan Fashion Week is partially organized by the National Chamber of Italian Fashion, a non-profit association that disciplines, coordinates, and promotes the development of Italian fashion and is responsible for hosting the fashion events and shows of Milan. 

True, the life of professional fashion designers sounds pretty glamorous. But, it’s a long, hard road to success, and the likelihood of reaching such fantastic heights is slim. However, fashion is a huge industry, employing more than 60 million people worldwide. So what other types of jobs are hot in the fashion market? Next are 10 of the top paying, according to Indeed.

If you are a high school student with a dream of showing your work in one of the illustrious fashion capitals, did you know you can test out your interest in fashion design while in high school with fashion design classes for teens? But what would you even study, you ask? There are so many potential careers within the fashion industry that you may not have even thought of… Let’s explore some of the other potential careers in the fashion industry.  

Top 10 Jobs in Fashion, Beyond Fashion Designer

JobDescriptionNational Average Salary
StylistPlans and coordinates outfits to help clients look their best for photo shoots, advertising campaigns, television and film productions, or appearances. Stylists' responsibilities include keeping up-to-date on trends by attending fashion shows, sourcing clothing, and consulting with other creative professionals.$53,686 per year
PR ManagerThis role directs the PR and communications departments for a brand, ensuring to uphold its positive reputation. They work to build relationships with media outlets through promotional campaigns and events like fashion shows, news releases, fashion look books, and showroom appointments.$60,834 per year
E-Commerce ManagerOversees a retail organization's online sales presence to generate purchases. Their responsibilities include reviewing sales data and inventory levels, creating pricing strategies, and planning promotional campaigns. They also help improve the online shopping experience by developing search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.$64,944 per year
Merchandising ManagerMakes decisions regarding the stock, prices, and presentation of products at retail stores. Responsibilities include maintaining a store's visual appearance, coordinating sales promotions, and checking inventory. They also analyze market research and customer data to determine which vendors to use, and which products will sell best.$69,407 per year
BuyerMonitors the latest fashion trends, and works with retailers to select the products to sell. This job requires buyers to attend trade and fashion shows, or meet with designers. When making purchasing decisions, buyers consider price, quality, and customers' habits, while also working with suppliers to negotiate contracts and coordinate deliveries.$70,334 per year
Editor-in-ChiefOversees digital or print publications, and makes the final decisions on what is published. They plan the layout, design, and contents of each issue, while also managing the staff, making hiring decisions, and overseeing the publication's budget. They also represent and promote their publication by attending industry events, like fashion shows.$70,591 per year
Art DirectorSupervises the creation of visual materials for fashion advertising campaigns, magazines, and other media. They create the vision for the images and manage creative staff to ensure correct execution of the concept. They are typically responsible for signing off on the cover, approving page layouts, and maintaining budgets and deadlines.$71,204 per year
Design ManagerManages a team of designers to develop product lines for a retailer or brand, by overseeing all aspects of the design process, from market research and design sketches, to product fittings and line compatibility. They also provide creative direction each fashion season, ensuring that products align with current trends and market demands.$96,178 per year
Sourcing ManagerThis role in the fashion industry works within the manufacturing sector, and is responsible for keeping the process on-schedule and on-budget. They source a variety of resources for manufacturing clothing and accessories, including raw materials, fabrics, and zippers. Sourcing managers also work on negotiations and legal agreements to determine which suppliers to use.$98,439 per year
Product ManagerOversees the product development, design, and sales teams through its manufacturing lifecycle from conception to release. They typically manage a specific product or product line (think women’s shoes), plan the product requirements based on customers' needs, and monitor trends.$102,415 per year

If these careers appeal to you, getting a head start while still in high school is a great option. Lucky for you, Prelum’s university partner: Parsons Paris is just the place to prepare for a future in fashion. Here are four course options for high school students looking to get ahead with some pre-college enrichment opportunities. 

Online Fashion Courses for High School Students

Inside Fashion Design: Becoming a Designer for the 21st Century, an online fashion course, will teach you how to use the design process to build a collection that tells a story. You’ll learn the role today’s fashion plays in social change and the expression of identity. You’ll even experience an expert designer creating a garment while you watch, and create your very own collection.

But why stop at just fashion design? Parsons Paris also offers other exciting fashion courses.

Fashion Course Centering on Sustainability

In addition to fashion design, Parsons Paris offers a course in a very important topic. Sustainability: The Future of Fashion answers vital questions, like what is fashion’s impact on the environment, and what are the pros and cons of fast fashion. You’ll learn about fashion’s connection to some of today’s top issues  — sustainability, cross-cultural collaboration, diversity, heritage preservation, and craftsmanship.

Another option that Parsons Paris offers is the business of design. 

Study the Business of Design with Parsons Paris

How do fashion business experts maintain the DNA of a brand? Through product design and smart marketing that reflects the popular trends of each season. Parsons Paris offers an outstanding online course, Inside the Business of Fashion and Luxury, that teaches this and much more. 

One last great option that will get you started on the path toward a career in fashion: Build Your Own Fashion Brand. In this course, you’ll develop a vision, devise a business plan, build awareness of your brand’s identity, delve into the financial side, and gain an understanding of production and delivery. You’ll also discover how to create an elevator pitch that makes a convincing case for your brand in seconds. 

If you are curious about fashion, and are thinking about trying out a fashion design class for high school students, expand your fashion acumen while still in high school with the plethora of online options you’ll discover with Parsons Paris.

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